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Amegafuru, which translates to raining blossom, is the name given to this school centuries ago. . .here’s the story. Many, many years ago. While the world was at war. A group of gifted civilians fled for their lives. This small group stranded on an island, far away from the outside world. As their family grew, they built a village, to a town. To after many many centuries, a city. A city on a distant island. With one of it’s very first buildings being the school. It took years until surnames were invented on the island. They live by their own rules. The gifted people learned to make more different materials than can be made naturally. Despite only 5 % of humanity being gifted with a power. This island consists 95% of gifted human beings. From mutations to supernatural appearances. Everything is normal here. Everyone living in this place, was born on this island. Now that you roughly know the past. Have fun getting to know more about this world