Discord Server List. The main server for this website.

Looking To Talk is a server that is accepting to everyone. No matter gender, age, sexuality etc. We are a family friendly community looking to grow.We have friendly, experienced staff.


Join us, we like Anime as much as you do! We are chill here, alright. The server is owned by three main people, we call ourselves the swamps. This is not so much of a typical server, we have our own ways and uniqe sets! Likes, the roles and stations. We are always open to suggestions and we accept all types of people even if you are a dickhead!

A server to chill on. We have roleplay here, bots and suggestions.

this is my new server so it dont have much but im open for suggestions so come join the fam

FurryCord is a growing SFW focused furry community. Come join today and take part in our vibrant server with plenty to do and talk about!