Discord Server List. The main server for this website.

Welcome to the server with best compilation of Pepe Emotes! Here you will find a great community and really cool members ;)! We update the emotes frequently and we are growing really fast, if you invite friends, you will get some cool rewards. Join us and help us make this server even great! <3

♡**Welcome to SnazzyTime!**♡ My goal for this server is to just make this an extremely fun place for people to hang out, make some new friends, and just chat and talk! This server is a SFW server as well »»————-  ————-«« ♡**We have really cute emotes!**♡ Like reallly cute, we have pikachu, bunnies, doggos, kitties, and many more adorable emotes »»————-  ————-«« ♡**Friendly staff!**♡ Our staff is extremely friendly, as long as you follow the rules and be kind in return »»————-  ————-«« ♡**Custom Roles and Colors!**♡ Who wouldn’t love this?? You can pick out your very own roles, and you own colors »»————-  ————-«« ♡**Ranks!**♡ And yes, of course we have ranks! All you need to do is talk to level up! »»————-  ————-««

Welcome to Birbs ♡ ( ๑╹ω╹๑ ) 120+ cuties! A soft, cute, adorable server for birbs all around the earth! We are 100% loving! Our goal is to create a cute and comfy environment for all our members~ (´・ω・`) ♡ We also have 60+ simple assignable roles (with a click), semi-active chat, veri coot birbs, and 50+ cyute emotes! ♡ (o ^ ω ^ o) And don't forget about our anti-raid system!