Discord Server List. The main server for this website.

This is a Server for Undertale, Deltarune, OC, AU Roleplayers! If your looking for a Undertale or Deltarune Server! You come to the right place! This Server has a Music Bot and a Pokecord Bot so you can jam out to music or chat with others! Or even Roleplay! There's even NSFW Channels for NSFW Roleplays, NSFW Art, and NSFW Chat too! So come on in to this Server and I hope you enjoy your stay!

The Roleplay Hub is a gathering place for RPers looking to advertise their own servers, forums or specific RPs, host on our server, talk about their OCs, share or search for art and meet fellow RPers. We have a rapidly growing and extremely friendly community pooling in from several locations and are always happy to grow further.

Roleplay here with characters you make! Have fun and socialize with others in the story you make for your character!

Welcome to Draconic Corrections We are a prison established after the high crime spike. We are a hybrid human/robot ran prison we have many features to keep our prison secure such as -> Microchips implanted in prisoners to track movement.. infractions and for the prisoner to find their timetable -> ankle and arm bracelets to allow for our bots to manage prisoner transport easily > Remote location in the galaxy so that we are as secure as possible. -> ultilization of FDVR to teach prisoners complience through seeing their mistakes and what happens as a result.

Um servidor para os fãns de Gatos Guerreiros! Uma série de livros de Erin Hunter! Você pode conversar ou jogar roleplay, sendo líder, representante, guerreiro e outros cargos de um clã! Você: - Pode contar com uma ótima segurança e moderação. - Faça parte dos quatro clãs originais: Clã do Trovão, Clã do Rio, Clã do Vento e Clã das Sombras. - A sua história nunca acaba! Seja eterno no Clã das Estrelas ou no Lugar sem Estrelas. - Seja gatinho-de-gente ou um gato isolado. - Customize seu gato para roleplay. - Se você não conhece a série Gatos Guerreiros ou nunca fez uma roleplay, você continua bem-vindo! Entre hoje no nosso servidor para não se arrepender depois! Você nunca ira ver um servidor como esse.

A server to chill on. We have roleplay here, bots and suggestions.

Before there were strip bars, there were gentlemen's clubs. These were basically where some of the more sophisticated people go for a nice visit and talk about their personal history and smoke a pipe or a cigar. Come talk about your talents, your life, politics, tv-shoes, and more! Anything goes. Here, your opinion is allowed no matter what it is, as long as no one is called to violence against.

Do you like MLP and are you a MLP Roleplayer on Roblox THen join this SERVER!